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6 Amazing Tourist Attractions in Fredericksburg You Should Definitely Check Out!

Historic downtown FredericksburgIt’s actually quite difficult to walk down the quaint streets of Fredericksburg without hearing the voices of its founding fathers. This is a city full of history and when coming here, visitors are treated to an interesting glimpse of the country’s turmoil during the Civil War, but also it’s founding. Whether you come here for just a few days or plan on staying here for longer than that, here are some of the best tourist attractions you should certainly visit when coming to Fredericksburg.

The Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg

Church FredericksburgOne thing you should know about the congregation is that it was actually founded in eighteen oh eight, yet the building was constructed later. The building was constructed in eighteen thirty three and the architecture used for it is rather unusual. During the Civil War, the Church was heavily damaged, but luckily it was restored right after the war ended in eighteen sixty six. During the war, the church was used as a hospital where wounded soldiers (both Confederate and Union) would be treated. One thing you need to know about this place is that Clara Barton was a nurse here and took care of the wounded soldiers coming from the battlefield. She is the founder of the American Red Cross.

St. George Episcopal Church

If you take a closer look at the building you’ll notice that there is a plaque on it which says that the congregation was established in seventeen twenty. It was much later than that, specifically in seventeen forty one that the church was built out of wood. While it did last for more than 150 years, it was later on replaced with a brick building in eighteen fifteen and then replaced once again in eighteen forty nine.

Spending The Day At The Griffin

Everyone who loves bookshops is going to love visiting The Griffin. This is a unique place that’s nothing short of amazing and you’re guaranteed to have a special time here. On Saturdays, many people love to visit the farmer’s market only to (shortly afterwards) visit The Griffin where they get themselves a coffee and study, read or just hang out with their friends. If you plan on losing some stress and relaxing in a unique atmosphere and place, then spending at least a few hours at The Griffin is certainly going make you.

Witches, Ghost, Thieves, Murder and Mayhem Tour

Even though it’s known to be the most historically rich city in the country, Fredericksburg is also one of the most haunted cities in the US as well. So when coming here, it’s absolutely mandatory that you take the fifty minute ghost tour that runs every night from September through October. This is basically a carriage tour where a guide is going to tell you everything about Fredericksburg’s folklore, including stories about the Ghosts in Dark Corners, The Witch of Pungo, The Ghost of Fielding Lewis, The Ghost of Chatham and The Woman in White.

What’s great about this tour is that it’s recommended for people of all ages, so you can actually go on it with anyone starting from your kids and all the way to your grandparents. Keep in mind that these are group tourists and you’re going to ride in an Amish built wagonette the whole time. If you want a private ride, you can rent a white carriage.

As for the meeting location, it’s downtown at Fredericksburg Visitor Center. The specific location will only be revealed after purchasing the tickets.

Swimming in the Rappahannock

Rappahannock River FredericksburgGoing on a pilgrimage to the Rappahannock River is certainly an experience you’re going to love. Here you’ll find not only the local villagers from Fredericksburg, but also their dogs, college students and families. Many of those coming here are going to soak in the golden sun rays and spend their entire day unwinding and having fun.

Antiquing and Thrifting in Downtown

If you love antique shops, then you’ll be happy to know that there are dozens of them you can check out in Downtown Fredericksburg. Some of them are no larger than five hundred square feet, while others are 2 storeys tall. One thing to know is that after Macklemore‚Äôs Thrift Shop was released, business here, at least for thrift shops, has skyrocketed. These shops are filled with everything from sports collectables to Civil War memorabilia, so you’re certainly going to find some really interesting things to buy here.

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