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Top Outdoor Activities and Sites To Visit in Fredericksburg Virginia

Historic downtown FredericksburgFredericksburg, Virginia is by far one of the most preferred cities in the US by everyone who wants to go on a vacation in a place that is quiet, full of natural beauty and lots of green spaces. If you happen to be currently looking for a place to visit this weekend alone or with your friends or family, then Fredericksburg should certainly be on your list. There are many amazing places you can visit here and some of them we’re going to talk about below.

Kenmore Park

Situated down the street from the Kenmore plantation, Kenmore Park is the ideal place for DTF residents. Since it features a basketball court, a jungle gym for the children, but also 8 tennis courts that were recently renovated, there’s no doubt that you’re going to certainly have a lot of fun when you’re going to come visit this place.

John Lee Pratt Memorial Park

If you’re into open spaces and you’d like to visit a place that’s sensibly located in the proximity of a river, then John Lee Memorial Park is the place to be at. While it does include a basketball court, a tennis court and a softball field, most people coming here are going to play Frisbee golf. Located throughout the wooded trail, this is an excellent place to have fun with your friends, bring your dog for a walk or just have a walk on your own.

Alum Spring Park

This place is actually considered a hidden gem in DTF and it’s one of the most beautiful parks in the city. It provides everything from swimming holes for tweens to walking trails for adults, but also playgrounds for kids. This park is really an amazing place to be, especially on a hot summer day where you can just walk in the shade of the tall and beautiful trees here. To chill down even more, you can choose to have some fun in the swimming holes!

Virginia Outdoor Centerrappahannock river sunset

If you want to relax and have a great time, then there’s no better place in Fredericksburg that you should check out than the Virginia Outdoor Center. This place offers a lot of services to people who want to have fun and unwind, including camping, rock climbing, tubing, but also canoeing and kayaking. Also, if you plan on exploring the Rappahannock River by yourself or maybe with a guide, then you should certainly come to Fredericksburg and visit the Virginia Outdoor Center.

The Rappahannock River Heritage Trail

Last but not least, you cannot say you’ve been to Fredericksburg and had a great time unless you’ve visited the Heritage Trail. This is a three point one mile long loop that connects 2 previous trails. Since it takes you throughout the center of DTF, along the Old Mill Park and also the river and finally to the Celebrate Virginia part of the town, it’s a great place to visit. If you love walking or biking, then this trial is going to make your day. There are also talks about it being used for 5K races in the future, which is certainly good news for all you marathon runners out there!

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