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Great Fredericksburg Restaurants Where You Can Try Authentic Local Dishes And More

ribsFood lovers who want to taste some of the best foods in the country should certainly visit Fredericksburg, Virginia in order to try some of the most delicious dishes in the country. In fact, on a yearly basis, there are thousands of tourists that flock to this city just to try the mouthwatering food, but also visit the many great tourist attractions here and have a great time. So with that in mind, let’s see what restaurants you should eat at when you’ll decide to visit Fredericksburg.

Shane’s Rib Shack

When dining at Shane’s Rib Shack, all you have to do is choose the food you want to eat, order at the counter and after you’re given a number, they’re going to bring you the food you ordered. The food is actually very delicious, tender and very well prepared and unlike most restaurants you’ve probably eaten at, it doesn’t drip in sauce. In fact, it’s very flavorful and has just the right amount of seasoning. You’ll also be surprised to find out that the sauce you get is not a Carolina Styled BBQ, which is very surprising. At the table you’ll be happy to notice that they also provide extra barbecue sauces, including original, spicy, hot and mustard, but if you want vinegar, you can get it at the drink/condiment bar.

Carl’s Ice Cream

carlAfter having a copious meal, you should also head out for some dessert and in this regard, there’s no better place to consider than Carl’s Ice Cream. One thing you should know about this place is that they serve only soft ice cream with 3 flavors, including strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. The place is actually around for more than 75 years and it’s owned by the same family. For an ice-cream you just need to shell out four dollars which is quiet a modest amount considering how delicious the ice-cream itself is. Just make sure to come early here, since sometimes there are about a hundred people or more waiting in line.

Pueblo’s Tex Mex Grill

smother burritoIf you’re into Mexican food, then you certainly need to visit Pueblo’s Tex Mex Grill, a restaurant that is nicely decorated, clean and also bright. The service is also really great and the staff is very friendly. Overall, the quality of the food is just great and it’s much higher quality than what you’d expect from a Mexican restaurant. As for the prices, they’re also quite affordable, so you won’t need to worry about poking your wallet when coming to eat here.


Kybecca is a popular and really nice wine bar and restaurant located in the historic district. For a rustic feel, the restaurant features exposed brick walls, but thanks to the modern tables, the place exhibits a strange, yet positive vibe that most people are certainly going to love. There is some outdoor seating and also 2 big rooms. When it comes to the staff, you’ll be happy to know that they are indeed friendly and will help you with understanding the foods on the menu, drinks and make recommendations as well. If you want to enjoy some delicious food while hanging out with your best friends, then this is certainly the place to be!

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